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Draft Agenda for Meeting of Climate Caucus Editors 10th of July  

Please confirm if you will attend by sending an email to roederaway@yahoo.com  

Part One:   Planning for Post Conference Period.   1pm-3pm, Judy Lernerís Apartment.  420 East 54th Street , Apt 31a.   

Some of the issues we might cover.  

  1. Purpose and Deliverables

  2. Incorporation and Funding: in order to allow it to raise money on its own.  This will be important in the future given the agreement with DPI that the project would be self-sustaining.  If the Working Group is amendable to this, Larry is prepared to submit the appropriate paper work to the IRS.  Larry proposes that though this is a good idea, we not lose our link to DPI.

  3. Management.

  4.  How is it Done Paper  Report by Larry.  An effort to develop a post Conference paper and collaborative effort has never been done before.  To make any future such project easier, the group asked Larry in the last meeting to develop a short paper that examines how this effort was done and include a set of recommendations for future editorial bodies.  (This paper might actually be included as part of the report).

  5.   Regional Conferences  Several of the Editors have long seen the post period as a way of expanding the influence of civil society, DPI and CONGO in other regions of the world.  To that end, it may make sense to hold small regional gatherings that expand the discussions begun in the report and partner with other climate change initiatives.

  6.   DPI Briefing in 2009  Report by Geoffrey Huffines. The group agreed to ask Geoffrey to request DPI to allow the project to make a special DPI briefing in 2009 in order to draw attention.

  7.   Marketing   A paper needs to be developed on how to market the work of the coalition.

Part Two:  Update on Current Work 3pm-5pm Judy Lernerís Apartment, 420 East 54th Street, Apt 31a  

  1. Report by Larry Roeder on Meetings with Kofi Annan and his climate group in Geneva .

  2. Work being done by Scot Carlin, William Gellermann and Chuck Hitchcock (proposal sent by email on the 9th)

  3. Work on Sustainable Development and Energy by Richard Jordan.  The last meeting agreed to combine the Poverty and Sustainable Development chapters, being developed by Richard Jordan.  I understand that Richard has also agreed to manage the Multi-Generational and Youth Chapter:  Richard Jordan plans to discuss with the CONGO Office in New York .     Proliferation Chapter was dropped at last meeting, to be handled in Sustainable Energy Chapter to be co-chaired by Richard, to the extent that chapter deals with Nuclear Power as a potential source of energy.  Sustainable EnergyMichel Clerc of Droit a l'energie SOS Future has expressed an interest in joining this chapter.  This needs to be brought together. 

  4. Water Chapter

  5. Indigenous Chapter.  Report by Moki Kokoris

  6. Risk Reduction Chapter.  Report on Larry Roederís meeting with David Stone in Geneva .

  7. Advocacy Chapter.   Report by Roeder. It was agreed to approach Al Gore on this chapter.  That still needs to be done.

  8. Possible Partnership with the Explorerís Club:   Moki Kokoris is contacting the Explorer's Club about possible partnership.

  9. Bibliographic and Reference Issues.  Update by Chuck Hitchcock

  10. Timelines.  Do these need adjustment or discussion?

      Timelines were posted on the Deadlines Page.  Editors who have not completed their work need to be reminded.

1.      August, 2008.   Drafts of chapters are due.  The Editorial Committee then uses the period between then and October to coordinate edits with the various Coordinators, as well as make sure that the introductory chapters are completed and the design of the Report.

2.      October 15, 2008 --- edited chapters, introduction, and two lead chapters go to Executive Committee and Congo .

3.      November 15, 2008 --- alterations from Executive Committee and Congo due; if none are received by that date, we will assume that there are none to be made.  

4.      December 1, 2008 --- Report to the Secretary General --- Reports by Larry Roeder and Geofery Huffines.  Larry said he would see if he and Jeffrey could set up a meeting where the Chapter Coordinators and the Editors the editors might attend.  If all of the Coordinators are not allowed in the same room for the official handover, it was recommended that a reception; but that the Secretary General be invited.  Similarly, these also dates apply to the Chairman of the IPCC.  Larry Met with the Chairman in Geneva on June 24th, and he reiterated his agreement to receive the report.  Jeffery Huffines is looking into how best to set this up. to set up appointment with Secretary General for Editors.