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March 31, 2008


Larry Roeder, Moki Kokoris, Judy Lerner (host), Richard Jordan.   Bill Gellermann was ill.   Chuck Hitchcock had been called away. Note:  All Coordinators are welcome to future sessions.


        New timelines have been posted on Deadlines Page.


  • National Security and Global Security Issues will be combined into the War Chapter led by Judy Lerner.

  • Cleanup Chapter was dropped.  Issues to be combined with other chapters, as appropriate

  • Ethnic group chapter was dropped, though some of its issues may be combined in Indigenous Issues chapter led by Moki Kokoris.

  • Moki Kokoris is contacting the Explorer's Club about possible partnership.

  • Multi-Generational and Youth Chapter:  Richard Jordan plans to discuss with the CONGO Office in New York.  (The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship to the
    the United Nations

  • Nuclear

  • Advocacy Chapter.   It was agreed to approach Al Gore on this chapter.

  • Proliferation Chapter was dropped, as not needed.  This topic can be handled in the Sustainable Energy Chapter, to the extent that chapter deals with Nuclear Power as a potential source of energy.

  • Sustainable Energy:  Moki Kokoris will co-chair working group.   Michel Clerc of Droit a l'energie SOS Future has expressed an interest in joining this chapter.

  • Poverty: Chapter will be combined with Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable Development:  This will be developed by Richard Jordan.

  • Bibliography.  Chuck is handling this and various formatting and links issues.  Was away from meeting for emergency.

  • Report to Secretary General Event:  Larry has written to Jeffery Huffines to set up appointment with Secretary General for Editors.

  • Richard Jordan will begin providing briefings to CONGO, DPI/NGO Executive Committee and DPI NGO Weekly Briefings.

  • List of Organizations:  The content of information is to be expanded and being coordinated by Bill Gellermann and Megan Watford.

  • Spirituality and the Environment:  Chuck plans to recommend a Chair for this chapter at the next session.

         NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting will be the week of May.