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March 5, 2008


Larry Roeder, Bill Gellerman, Moki Kokoris, Judy Lerner (host) and Chuck Hitchcock.   Note:  All Coordinators are welcome to future sessions.


         1 August, 2008.   Drafts of chapters are due.  The Editorial Committee then uses the period between then and October to coordinate edits with the various Coordinators, as well as make sure that the introductory chapters are completed and the design of the Report.

         October 15, 2009 --- edited chapters, introduction, and three lead chapters go to Executive Committee and Congo

         November 15, 2008 --- alterations from Executive Committee and Congo due; if none are received by that date, we will assume that there are none to be made.  Note:  This process needs to be submitted to CONGO and the ExCom ASAP in case they wish to recommend something different.

         December 1, 2008 --- Report to the Secretary General --- Larry said he would see if he and Jeffrey could set up a meeting where the Chapter Coordinators and the Editors the editors might attend.  If all of the Coordinators are not allowed in the same room for the official handover, it was recommended that a reception; but that the Secretary General be invited.  Similarly, these also dates apply to the Chairman of the IPCC.


         INFORMING CONGO, DPI/NGO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AND THE NGO COMMUNITY AT LARGE:  The group agreed to ask Richard, as our liaison to the Executive Committee, to make regular short briefs on project progress to that body, CONGO and the regular NGO briefings.  These briefs need not be long.  They are simply intended to inform of our progress and invite broader participation.

         LIST OF ORGANIZATIONS:  After much discussions it was agreed that Bill would contact Megan Watford in his Tipping Point Working Group to see if she would compile a list of organizations, their e-mail and or web addresses = a brief (one or two sentence) description of their organization's purpose.

         SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT:  Larry Roeder will contact Richard Jordan to let him know he is being asked to coordinate the Sustainable Development chapter.

          SUSTAINABLE ENERGY:  Moki was asked to suggest a chair for the chapter on sustainable energy which would include the work proposed by Dutch colleagues.  In a post meeting decision, Moki was also asked to be the official liaison to the Explorerís Club, which has expressed an interest in the project.

         THE BIBLIOGRAPHY:  Chuck will e-mail the chairs of the working groups with a standardized bibliographic format and ask them to send him back their suggestions from their chapters.  Similarly, he will manage the Links page.  LENGTH LIMITS:  Moki reiterated the rules that the chapters which go to the Secretary General are five pages in length, including any pictures that might be a part of the presentation. Our website can contain much more information and pictures.  That limit does not include list of participants or the bibliography.   These limits do not apply to the material actually placed on the website, as the various working group home pages are intended to be permanent forums for discussion, well beyond the hand off of the report.

         CD-ROM VERSIONS OF THE REPORT:  It was agreed that CD-ROM versions of the report, to include material from the working groups will also be made available to the Secretary General and Chair of the IPCC and the participants; but as this is a budgetary item, no decision was made on any broader distribution. Special funds would be needed for that, and this may not be needed if all material on the website is open for downloading.

         EXPANDING PARTICIPATION:: After some discussion, Bill's suggestion for a chapter focusing on changing human behavior vis-a-vis climate change was modified so that this important issue would be a part of all the chapters.  Also, it was agreed that Bill would help to write the chapter on advocacy.

         SPIRITUALITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT:  Chuck suggested that his former colleague, Scott Carlin, might submit a chapter on Spirituality and the Environment. It was agreed that if he is interested he send us a draft which might be used in a chapter on religion or perhaps stand alone.

         NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting will be the week of March 25, depending on Larry's possible jury duty.  Post Meeting  note:  Larry Proposed that at the next meeting some discussion be held on style and format of each chapter in the physical report.


Submitted by Chuck Hitchcock