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Earth from Space



Dr. William Gellermann, PhD.
Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Sciences from UCLA -- faculty member at SUNY ( Buffalo ), Cornell and CUNY ( Richmond College ). Consultant since 1970 (clients included major corporations, labor unions, civil rights groups, and government agencies at federal, state, and city level); author of Values and Ethics in Organization and Human Systems Development (1990, Jossey-Bass) -- Retired in 2000. Joined Communications Coordination Committee for the UN (CCC/UN)in 2003; Co-Chair of CCC/UN Board in 2007 and Vice President 2004-2007. Member of DPI/NGO Conference Planning













Dr. Saul Eisen, Ph.D.

Email: saul.eisen@sonoma.edu  Founder of the Organization Development Master's Program at Sonoma State University . He has received awards for meritorious performance as a professor, teaching courses in Organization Development, Systems Management, and Corporate Culture.

His international consulting practice integrates strategic planning, whole system redesign, and organization development. He partners with clients to develop empowered individuals, high performing teams, competitive organizations, and thriving communities.

Among his clients have been educational institutions such as Instituto Centro-Americano de Administración de Empresa (Costa Rica), and the Jerusalem Academy of Art; Fortune 500 companies such as Texas Instruments, and Hewlett-Packard; and community organizations such as the City of Sebastopol, the School Board and Town Council of Windsor, and the Oregon Symphony.

His work has been widely published in professional journals and books on organization development, and he is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences. His current research is on the development of future-responsive strategies for managing and consulting effectively in our fast-changing world. He is lead author of a chapter on this topic in Practicing Organization Development (Pfeiffer), published in 2005.

Dr. Eisen holds an MBA from UCLA, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case-Western Reserve University . He is a member of the OD Network, the STS Roundtable, and the Future Search Network..


Tara DePorte

With a BA in Human Impacts on Ecosystems from the University of Virginia and a MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University, Tara's formal education has focused on issues of sustainable development, society, and the environment. Professionally, her international experience includes work throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, working with colleagues throughout the world on social/environmental education, policy and networking.

Tara has worked for many years as Program Director for a NYC non-profit, the Lower East Side Ecology Center, developing opportunities for inner-city youth to learn about, and develop responsibility for, their local environment. She has worked alongside countless local environmental and youth organizations, as well as local city government offices, in addition to her international work.

Her international accomplishments include the development and coordination of capacity building trainings for international women participating in United Nations-sanctioned environmental conferences, representing women's environmental leadership at the United Nations, working with lead officials on gender and environmental international policy development, as well as, teaching at the University level in both the U.S. and the Netherlands. Often Tara serves the role of "facilitator", where she helps with creating and maintaining dialogues between different groups, such as scientists and politicians, or the general public.
Email: tara@lesecologycenter.org


Larry Dressler

Email: info@bluewingconsulting.com  For 20 years, Larry Dressler has designed and facilitated conversations that elicit new insights, enrich relationships, and mobilize shared commitment to action. He has consulted with executives at large corporations like Cisco Systems, Mitsubishi, and Starbucks. He has also convened high-stakes conversations in less traditional locations, including a solar powered chocolate factory in the Ecuadorian Amazon and a toy company started by homeless people on Skid Row in Los Angeles . Larry's purpose is to create space in which leaders can align their roles (how they spend their time and energy) with their souls (their highest values, commitments, passions). He is the President of Blue Wing Consulting and the author of “Consensus Through Conversation: How to Achieve High Commitment Decisions” (Berrett-Koehler 2006). Larry holds a BA in Sociology from UCLA and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Blue Wing Consulting, 1209 Pearl Street, Suite 1, Boulder, Colorado 80302. 303.44.0425. .



Rick Ulfik is the Founder and Director of We, The World (www.WeTheWorld.org), a non-profit organization that develops global networks of collaboration and organizes large events to maximize public involvement in creating a peaceful, caring, sustainable world. Advisors and Supporters include Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, U.N. Peace Messenger Dr. Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Daniel Ellsberg, Dr. Riane Eisler, Robert Thurman, Hazel Henderson, and about 70 others. Rick is principal organizer of 11 Days of Global Unity (www.wetheworld.org/11days), an annual worldwide promotion of peace and sustainability launched by We, The World with more than 500 associated events in over 60 countries. Rick is a Board Member and U.N. Rep. for the Communication Coordination Committee for the U.N. Rick co-produced Visual Voices (www.WeTheWorld.org/visualvoices) a 13-part 1/2 hour TV Series that presents voices in media, the arts and beyond who are shaping our culture and our world. It was broadcast on the Dish Network available in 15 million households. Rick has written, produced and directed two short films. Rick is also an award-winning composer and musician (keyboards) who has written, produced, arranged and performed music for ABC, NBC and CBS TV, the Olympics, feature films, commercials, and recording artists from Queen Latifah to Judy Collins. We, The World
211 East 43rd Street Suite 710, New York, NY 10017, Phone: 212 867-0846, Email: RickUlfik@WeTheWorld.org, Website: http://www.WeTheWorld.org 


Albert Bates

Email albert@thefarm.org  Author of 11 books on law, energy, history and the environment, most recently Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for Changing Times (New Society 2006). A graduate of Syracuse University and New York Law School, he is a permaculture instructor at the e an Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm community in Summertown, Tennesse d has been Director at the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology since 1984. He has taught integrated ecological design, natural building, organic agriculture, permaculture and appropriate technology to students from more than 50 nations. For 18 years he served on the governing body of Plenty International, a relief and development organization with a focus on indigenous peoples, human rights and the environment, during which time that organization received the Right Livelihood Award. During his 26-year career as an attorney he argued environmental, human rights and religious rights of indigenous peoples before state and federal appeals courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. One of his books, Climate in Crisis: The Greenhouse Effect and What You Can Do (1990, foreword by Al Gore) stemmed from 15 years of litigation over climate change and water issues. He has had a lifelong interest in communal studies and is on the board of directors of the International Communal Studies Association (Ramat Efal, Israel) and is past president and chairman of the board of both the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and the Global Ecovillage Network. His work at the present time involves creation of a network of rural ecovillage experiments in Mexico and education of local government authorities there to the twin crises of peak oil and climate change. He serves as United Nations headquarters representative for the Global Ecovillage Network, which has ECOSOC consultative status and works with UNITAR and other UN agencies to educate governments about habitat, human settlements, population and related issues. .



Coordinating Editor of Indigenous Policy (at: www.indigenouspolicy.org), since 2000, and was Coordinator of the Indigenous Studies Association, IPJ’s publisher (1999-2006). IPJ reports regularly on environmental issues impacting Indigenous people, and on their actions relating to combating environmental degradation. Coordinating Editor, for 21 years, of the now on-line journal, Nonviolent Change (at: www.nonviolentchangejournal.org), a practical journal about getting to peace at the intra and inter community levels. NCJ and the Research/Action Team on Nonviolent Large Systems Change which publishes it and coordinated it as an interorganizational project of the Organizational Development Institute. Understanding that human harmony with the environment is an important aspect of peace, NCJ regularly covers environmental issues, including global warming.

A political scientist and applied philosopher involved with public policy. Taught environmental and energy policy. Focused heavily on Indigenous research since the 1980’s and have written numerous articles and papers in that field, including, "The Cutting Edge of Physics: Western Science Is Finally Catching Up with American Indian Tradition," Proceedings of the Western Social Science Association, American Indian Studies Section, 2007, published in Indigenous Policy, summer 2007; and “Climate Change, Related Environmental Degradation and Indigenous People,” Indigenous Policy, Vol. XVIII, No. 3, Fall 2007. Coauthor, and coordinating editor, of the forthcoming, Recreating the Circle: Returning American Indian Nations to Sovereignty, Self-Sufficiency and Harmony, being reviewed by the University of New Mexico Press .

Served as an advisory board member of the Indiana American Indian Center from 1995-2004, and have undertaken consulting with Americans for Indian Opportunity (since 1992), the joint National Conference of State Legislatures – National Congress of American Indians Task Force on State – Tribal Government Cooperation (in 2000), Navajo Nation (1997-2002), and guest participant in the Design Team Project with the Southern Ute Tribe (in 2000). Contact Information: Professor Emeritus of Political Science, IUPUI, 1916 San Pedro Dr. NE , Albuquerque , NM 87110 ssachs@earthlink.net, (505)265-9388.


Deborah E. Stern

Email: deborahstern@verizon.net Deborah Stern began seeding the vision and R&D for Campaign 2020 in 1996, and later, with Mr. Sam Mills as initial donor, established the 2020 Fund at the King Baudouin Foundation US (KBFUS), a 501c3 platform, as the organizational home for this work. She serves as the founder of the 2020 Fund and is Founding Principal & CEO of 2020 Strategies, LLC, the entity that is implementing development of C2020 under contract with the 2020 Fund at KBFUS.

While preparing the Campaign 2020 vision, from 2003 until recently, she served in a part-time strategy and business development role for ConsumerPowerline, a successful high growth business in the energy management and demand response industry sector, recognized as an Inc500 and Fast500 company.

For over 20 years prior to 2003, Deborah served in the management and development of not-for-profit and philanthropic organizations as staff and as Senior Vice President with Payne, Forrester & Associates, a leading consultancy with which she was associated from 1991-2003. Her expertise includes designing and implementing strategic development campaigns for large to small not-for-profit institutions, and non-traditional philanthropic initiatives. A few sample projects include:

o South Africa Free Elections Fund – Built from “whole cloth” special philanthropic campaign and 501 (c) 3 organization to support voter education prior to 1994 elections – raised $7.5 million from corporations, individuals, and foundations within 10 month major gifts campaign. Campaign was established at request of Nelson Mandela; worked closely with Board including Vincent Mai, Anthony O’Reilly, John Whitehead, Cyrus Vance, Ted Sorenson, Bill White, Carl Ware, Wayne Fredericks. Orchestrated fund raising strategy, deploying resources of board and executive leadership, Nelson Mandela, celebrity supporters, lead donors, and a small campaign staff; United Nations Foundation, New York -- Polio Eradication Campaign with Rotary International and World Health Organization. Designed and built campaign from “whole cloth;” chief development officer staffing solicitation of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s $50 million gift and U.N. Foundation’s $25 million gift.

o Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), National & Richmond , VA – Designed and developed individual major donor initiative for community development organization that had previously relied on major foundation and corporate funding. Tripled fund raising results to $3 million+ campaign result. Modeled new paradigm for major gift individual fund raising for national organization.

o Central Park Conservancy, New York – Special major gift projects, including creation of Luce Foundation’s $1 million Environmental Education initiative.

o Fountain House Inc., New York -- Designed and counseled through phases one and two of successful $22 million long range fund raising program for community-based mental health organization.

o Group Psychotherapy Foundation – Developed Campaign Strategy and served as strategic fund raising counsel to CEO and Board of Directors for organization’s first ever fund raising campaign, yielding successful $1.25 million goal.

Prior to work in the consulting field, she served as senior development officer at the 92nd Street YM-YWHA (1986-89), including acting director of the nine person department; and served as Director of Development at the WNYC Foundation (1989-90), both in NYC. She served as special project consultant to Ira Hirschfield, the Executive Vice President, Levi Strauss Foundation and Community Affairs Department (San Francisco, CA) in 1983-85, and worked in the field of community and women’s economic development, including consultation to the Ms. Foundation for Women (New York) and the Lakota Fund in Pine Ridge, SD, and the position as Business Development Specialist at the Local Development Corporation of East New York (Brooklyn, NY) in 1985-86. She has an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and a BA from Beloit College .


Megan Watford
University of Central Florida. Email: me954216@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu  .