Focus is on the impact of climate change on war and war on climate change!

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Working Group Participants

Judy Lerner; Chair of the International committee of Peace Action. Member of the Peace Acton National Board . Former teacher, graduate degree in Education Founding member of Women Strike for Peace .

Dr Charles Hitchcock PHD Sociologist, former dean of graduate programs at South Hampton College . (retired) hitchcock,

Cathey E. Falvo: M.D. M.P.H. President of Physicians for Social Responsibility

Marylyn Mehr PHD President Board of Directors of the Unitarian Universalists , United Nations Office 

Michele Pepppers: Librarian, Chair of The Ribbon International at the UN mpeppers@suffolk.lib,

Joanne Robinson ,Member of the Board of Directors of Westchester, Peoples Action Committee (WESPAC) Board member of NY State Peace Action

Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury ; Former Under Secy -general from Bangladesh

Dr Blanche W Cook PHD :Distinguished Professor of History at John Jay college, City University of New York .Author of three biographies about Eleanor Roosevelt 

Dr Sorosh Rashan MD Chair of International health Awareness Network

Nicholas Sage Youth Executive Assistant of Global Kids

Annelise Jarvis Hansen, KiK-Kulturel Information-Koordination-Denmark, email: 



Working Group icon is The Defeat of the French Fire Ships attacking the British Fleet at Anchor before Quebec, 28 June 1759 Painting by Dominic Serres