Global Fresh Water Crisis Working Group

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(1) Prof. Narendra Kumar , Secretary General , Global Forum for Disaster Management, Email: 
(2) Dr.Lalit P.Chaudhari ,Vice President ,ISDR,India Email:
(3) Larry W. Roeder, Jr. Former IO Policy Adviser on Disaster Management, US Department of State.



The Issue
Global warming, one of the symptoms of climate change, will reduce rainfall in some regions of the world, melt glaciers and dry up other sources of fresh water, posing a direct threat to the national and economic security of nations. While the systemic causes of climate change are managed, unless the supply of fresh water is also managed in quicker time, water source reduction will not only threaten nations, it will provide incentives for nations to purchase weapons and wage war, and in some cases suppress minorities and basic freedoms in direct proportion to the water supply.

Already, over 1.2 billion people, one of out every five people on the planet, are without safe drinking water and over 2.4 billion without access to safe sanitation. This issue when combined with a growing shortage or misdistribution of fresh water is a direct threat to the public health and if not managed, we will see the spread of sanitation related disease.

As recognized by the World Summit on Sustainable Development, water is one of the five foundations of life. This working group will focus methods of preserving or even enhancing the availability of safe water, recognizing that at the same time, the basis causes of climate change must also be dealt with.